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Cut Your Business/Personal Cellular Bill by 40-50 % by switching to Sprint. Ask me how?
If your in a contract, have old devices, or your AT&T or Verizon bill is to high. Give me a call 630-926-7908 or email me at
Honestly guys, I am looking to see if I can help the local businesses by providing financial options. I can leverage credits in a way that you guys couldn't believe. Working through the stores are great but I will show you a proposal that will almost look unbeliveable.   
More times than not, I have cut the phone plans roughly 40-50% with new devices.  And of course, not looking to get you guys to switch immediately just seeing if I can provide an analysis and you guys can decide from there on the next steps.
Contact Information
phone: (630) 926-7908
Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce