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Preferred Home Inspection


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Pre Purchase Inspection

A Pre Purchase inspection is designed to provide our client with a professional, non-invasive inspection of the visible and accessible components and systems of the home. We will provide a full report of our findings including pictures. Our inspections typically take 3-4 hours and are designed to be an educational experience for the client. Not only are we going to tell you what needs to be addressed, we will make sure you have a basic understanding of the operating systems of the home and where the water, electric and gas shut offs are located

Radon Testing

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking - Whether you are buying home or just want your home tested we can help. Not to worry, Radon levels, if high, can be controlled with a properly installed mitigation system. We do the Radon Testing through an outside company and make every attempt to schedule them during the home inspection.

Drone Photography

Do you need an aerial picture or video? Currently offering services for both personal and business. Whether you are having a family get together or want some footage of your kids playing we can help. Perhaps you are selling a home or property and need an aerial shot.

Maintenance Inspection

A maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but the inspection is done for the current owner. Most of these homeowners have been in their homes for over five years, and they may or may not have had their home inspected at the time they purchased it.

During Construction Inspections

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